March 2011

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NBA considering uniform standard for concussion return to play decisions

Although basketball is not a contact sport, in just the last four weeks, at least six N.B.A. players have missed games because of concussions or concussion like symptoms.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has confirmed that it is consulting with an independent neurologist and may establish a league wide policy for handling concussions by next season.

This will bring the basketball league in line with recent moves by both the National Football League and the National Hockey League to develop a uniform protocol for concussions and the important decision of when to return an injured athlete to play.

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New York Sports Concussion Program

On March 22nd, the Brain Injury Association of New York State (BIANYS) will be presenting a full day program entitled: Concussion in Sports: What Everybody Needs to Know

I am pleased to participate in this important program and will be speaking from 1045-11:30.  My topic is entitled, Legal and Policy Issues in Sports Concussion Management and will review legislation being considered across the country as well as the policy issues surrounding this important topic.

The key note speaker for the conference is Chris Nowinski, Co-Founder and President of the Sports Legacy Institute. He is a renowned voice in the field of concussion research and advocacy for the prevention and treatment of sports related traumatic brain injuries. 

The program is designed to provide participants with the practical information needed to recognize, treat and prevent sports-related brain injures.  Parents, student athletes, members of school athletic programs, school nurses, neuropsychologists and physicians are all urged to attend.

The program is scheduled to take place from 9: 45 am until 4:00 pm at the Manhattan campus of St. John's University, Saval Auditorium, 101 Murray Street. 

You can obtain more information including registration by visiting the Brain Injury Association of New York State web site.


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