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Long term mild traumatic brain injury study sponsored by Dept of Defense and VA

A new study sponsored by the United States Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration will track service members who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to learn more about mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) including evaluation, treatment and long term outcome.

The researchers hope to be able to follow approximately 1,100 service members for 20 years to study the long term effects of mild TBI.

Information about the study can be found in the journal Brain Injury.

About 80 percent of those being enrolled have a history of at least one mild TBI, while the others have no TBIs. That will allow the researchers to compare the two groups. The focus is strictly on mild TBI; those with more severe brain injuries are excluded.

The study will include an extensive interview and comprehensive testing including brain scans, eye movement studies, neuropsychological testing, balance testing and blood tests.

The study is currently enrolling participants at four VA sites in Richmond, Tampa, San Antonio, and Houston--and one Defense site, the National Center for the Intrepid at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. Three more VA sites will begin enrolling this spring--Boston, Minneapolis, and Portland.

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