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NFL to Impose Penalties for Teams that Fail to Follow Concussion Protocols

Borrowing from what i have frequently lectured and written about, the New York Times has reported today that the NFL has finally decided that the only way to enforce their concussion protocols is to impose strict penalties upon teams that fail to follow them. 

The New York Times article, NFL Introduces New Rules to Back It's Concussion Protocols reports that the league intends to punish teams that do not follow concussion testing measures and allow players to return to play prematurely by imposing heavy monetary fines and other penalties including losing draft picks. 

The NFL has a long history of failing to provide adequate protection to players following a concussion.  Just creating protocols with no enforcement is not sufficient. 

The NFL still needs to go further and enforce its own rules pertaining to illegal hits and other conduct which promotes head trauma. Players who engage in prohibited conduct need to be ejected from the game, fined and perhaps even suspended for the remainder of the season.  Brain injuries and conduct that causes these injuries must become a league priority.  Five yard penalties are not enough. 



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