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Chris Borland-NFL's Worst Nightmare: The Reality of Football and Brain Injury

Today's New York Times reports on Chris Borland and his decision to retire from professional football.

This is precisely the nightmare that the league has dreaded would occur.  The more information players obtain, the more players will decide that the risk of permanent brain damage is just not worth the reward.  This is just the beginning.  And you wonder why the NFL has worked so hard to minimize the risks and is working so hard to create an illusion they can make the game safe?




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George Visger

I spoke to Chris Borland at length yesterday. He stated one of his main reasons for stepping away from the game at such an early age was due to his investigation on the effects it has on former players such as myself.

I told him I applaud him for doing his due diligence and stepping forward and doing what's right. Not only for his own health and the sake of his own family, but for the sake of countless families who may have second thoughts on allowing their kids to play, and for the sake of numerous coaches who may reassess on how and what they're teaching.

George Visger
Survivor of 9 NFL Brain Surgeries
Benefactor of Zero NFL Benefits
The Visger Group- Traumatic Brain Injury Consulting

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