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Local schools are opening tomorrow - Tuesday September 2 - Drive Carefully!

Beginning tomorrow, hundreds of children will be walking to and from school and school buses – many for the first time. Here are some simple tips for pedestrian and motorist safety:  

• Everyone who drives has a responsibility to be especially careful during this busy time for youngsters. 

• Did your teenage son or daughter receive their driver license during the summer months? Are they driving to school for the first time? Consider discussing with them the new hazards they may encounter on public streets and on campus now that school will be open. E.g. frequent bus stops; Children crossing roadways. 

• Be cautious in school areas, keeping your speed at or below posted limits and being prepared to stop, on both sides of the street, for school buses with flashing red lights, as required by New York State law. 

• Motorists are encouraged to allow extra time for their respective commute in the morning as buses make frequent stops.  

• Children tend to be at greater risk during the back-to-school period because they tend to be thinking more about seeing old friends and new teachers than watching for cars and trucks. Others are going to school for the first time and may be nervous. 

• Look all ways before crossing the street. 

• Cross only at corners or at designated cross walks.  

• Only enter the roadway after all oncoming traffic has come to a complete stop. 

• Obey police officers, school crossing guards, and traffic signals. 

• Watch for turning cars. 

• Be especially alert in bad weather. 

• Play away from traffic. 

• Remember, hands-free is not risk free.



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