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On line discussion of the crisis of sports concussions

I have been invited to share my thoughts following my participation at the White House Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit Sports

This afternoon, at 12:30 PM (eastern time), I will be a gues of Ed Berliner on his internet news show, "Mid Point"-NewsMax TV to discuss the crisis of sports concussions.  you can access the show by clicking here.

President Obma's inaugural concussion summit presented a watershed moment in valdiating and tackling the public health crisis of the long-term hazards posed by concussions in sports and its ramifications.

Now, we need to seize upon the president's iniative and move forward with a national plan to address the crisis of concussion in sports and take all the steps necessary to prevent, preventable brain injuries from occuring and provide the needed support and care to children and adults once a brain injury does take place




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