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Latest Developments in Brain Injury

The field of brain injury is rapidly evolving with new findings announced, almost daily.  It is difficult for health care professionals and the legal profession to keep pace with all the new changes that are taking place.

I am pleased to be co-chairing a program with Dr. Steven Flanagan, M.D., Medical Director, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University Medical Center on the latest developments in the field of traumatic brain injury identification, rehabilitation and treatment sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of New York.  The all day program will be held on Thursday, June 5th in Albany, New York. 

The program covers important areas including sports concussion recognition and management; neuroimaging, assistive technology; management of behavioral problems; neuropsychology and return to learn protocols.

Program and registration information can be found at the Brain Injury Association of New York State web site.



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