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Traumatic Brain Injury Course at George Washington University Law School Featured in NY Times Article

This semester I had the privilege of teaching the first ever course on traumatic brain injury (TBI) law in a law school at The George Washington University Law School, Washington, D.C.

The course reviewed the complicated issues that confront the legal profession in the framework of the civil justice system following traumatic brain injury, introducing students to the broad and wide-ranging legal implications of TBI in children and adults.

With the recent law suit and its potential settlement, new research on the long-term repercussions to returning service members after seemingly minor brain trauma, and constant stories in the news of children suffering traumatic brain injury playing sports, there is a burgeoning interest in concussions and brain injury.  In a variety of legal settings, the brain is being placed on trial with increasing frequency, encompassing multitude of civil issues that were reviewed in this thirteen week course.

For the past thirteen weeks we have delved into the legal problems that confront attorneys representing victims of brain trauma, both in and out of the courtroom. The course looks at brain injury from the practical view point of attorneys charged with the responsibility of assisting individuals suffering with a brain injury in a variety of situations such as contested court proceedings, educational issues, insurance benefits, and obtaining government benefits and services. We also explore legislative initiatives on concussion management; issues of liability following sports incurred brain injury; and evidentiary issues pertaining to the admissibility of expert testimony in a traumatic brain injury case.

Earlier this week, I was honored that the New York Times published an article describing the course and our mission to educate the next generation of attorneys. Concussion Cases Inspire New Course at George Washington’s Law School.

I will again be teaching this seminar at George Washington University Law School this fall.



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