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Helmets cannot prevent concussions

Concussions and traumatic brain injury occur as a result of the rapid movement of the brain within the skull. The brain floats within the skull cavity.  When the brain moves forward or backward and rotates, it brushed up against the sharp ridges and protrusions of the skull. 

A helmet may be effective in preventing or reducing the chances of a skull fracture or scalp laceration but despite misleading claims by helmet manufactuers, a football helmet or any other sporting helmet cannot protect against the shearing, brusing or tearing of brain tissue that takes place when the brain moves within the skull.

A paper presented at the recent meeting of the Amercian Academy of Pediatrics, National Conference in Orlando, Florida found that "neither any specific brand of football helmet nor custom mouth guards result in fewer concussions in kids who use them"  The study authors conclueded, "Despite what manufacturers might claim, newer and more expensive eqipment many not reduce concussion risk."





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