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Mediation of the NFL Lawsuit, Not in the Public's Best Interest

The Court ordered mediation of the lawsuit brought by players against the NFL alleging the league’s fraudulent concealment of the risks associated with concussions was discussed in today’s USA Today, on line edition,  Judge orders mediation on NFL concussion suits

I am honored to have been quoted in this article concerning my views on the dangers that a mediated settlement will have in perpetuating the long standing conspiracy by the National Football League and its partners to
hide the dangers and long term consequences of concussions. 

Here is a portion of what I said,


Michael Kaplen, questioned whether a settlement – and the confidentially that could entail -- would be in the public interest.

"I'm not so sure it is the right solution to this issue …. The facts surrounding this case are so important not only to the players involved in the case but to everybody else who has an interest in the issue of sports concussions," Kaplen said.

"These facts need to be set forth in the public arena. They can't be hid under the rug in exchange for payment of money. And that's what I'm afraid is going to happen."

Kaplen added, "This impacts any child that's playing any type of sport … the parents, the coaches, the school systems who have looked to the NFL as their model. It goes to college athletic programs, and the implications are just huge. It's like if the tobacco companies settled cases before all the (court) discovery took place, we wouldn't know what they knew, when they knew it and how they hid information."



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