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A disturbing survey on high school athletes attitudes toward head injury

We will never solve the concussion problem in sports until players understand that a brain injury can last a life time.  But, what we do know is that we cannot rely upon the player to be truthful and accurately report their symptoms.  Therefore, we must have longer minimum times that a player is not permitted to return to play following a suspected concussion.  

At the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Society held in Washington, D.C., a survey was revealed which found that even though young athletes said that they understood the dangers of a head injury, 53% said they would “always or sometimes continue to play with a headache sustained from an injury.” Just 54% said they would “always or sometimes report symptoms of a concussion to their coach.”

Among the surveyed players, 30 reported suffering a concussion and 82 reported having concussion symptoms and risks explained to them. The majority of the high school athletes indicated that they understood that headaches, dizziness, difficulty with memory, difficulty concentrating and light and sound sensitivity were all risk factors for a concussion after a high-impact hit.



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