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New York State Brain Injury Association Annual Conference

The Brain Injury Association of New York State will be hosting their 31st annual conference on Thursday and Friday, June 6th & 7th, at the Marriott Hotel on Wolf Road in Albany, NY. The first day of the conference features 15 workshops and presentations and the second day features an “Advocacy Discussion” – a highly interactive and educational advocacy exchange.

 Highlights of the program include:

• a two-workshop session on research trends presented by two of the leading specialists in the field, Dr. Steven Flanagan, MD and Dr. Mary Hibbard, PhD, ABPP(RP) of Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. The seminar focuses on the latest research in brain injury diagnosis and treatment

• a session on understanding and maximizing DOH/OPWDD initiatives that will provide great information for TBI providers

• workshops on visual processing issues, returning to work after TBI, and art therapy as a rehabilitative tool

Please visit their webpage for more information and to register!



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