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National Brain Injury Survey from Sarah Jane Brain Foundation

The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation (SJBF) and CE Outcomes have announced a national survey to identify gaps in services and research dealing with brain injury.

This is a joint effort during Brain Injury Awareness Month to understand the current state of brain injury across the country and across two different clinical populations (youth/developing brain and adult/developed brain).

The survey will investigate the differences in services between “Mild” TBI/concussions and moderate to severe brain injury. In addition, the assessment will analyze across the continuum of care from prevention to acute care/rehabilitation services to reintegration/long-term care. The online survey is being hosted by CE Outcomes and can be accessed by clicking here.

“This survey will include physicians, psychologists, educators, allied health professionals, and most importantly families and brain injury survivors across this country,” said Dr. Ron Savage, President of SJBF and author of the survey. “We will have data from thousands of voices to better understand the gaps in services that impact the lives of millions of people. Those voices will be heard.”



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