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Brain injury increases the risk of developing Parkinson Disease

Additional evidence further confirms the link between head injury and developing Parkinson disease according to a new study published in the Journal, Neurology, November, 2012. 

The study examined individuals who suffered brain trauma and also were exposed to a pesticide known as “paraquat”   

The study reported that Traumatic Brain Injury and exposure to paraquat each increased the risk for developing Parkinson Disease, but when the two risk factors were combined in the same individual, the risk of developing Parkinson disease tripled.

In the late 1980’s I successfully handled a law suit in New York City proving a link between my client’s development of Parkinson’s disease and the head trauma she sustained when the taxi cab she was a passenger is was struck by a New York City bus.  This is one of the few  jury verdicts establishing  that  Parkinson disease can be caused by brain trauma.   My summarion resulting in a 2 million dollar jury verdict was published in the Summation volumne of the Art of Advocacy Seried published by Matthew Bender.

The study is reported in Neurology, 2012, Volume 79 at pages 2061-2066 entitled, “Traumatic brain injury, paraquat exposure and their relationship to Parkinson disease"



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