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Parents and coaches need more education on concussion safety

Parents and coaches are exposing children to high risks of future brain damage according to a recent survey exploring knowledge about sports safety.

The survey finds that 90 percent of parents underestimate how long children need to be sidelined from sports participation following an injury. 

Ninety-two percent of parents said they rely on coaches to keep their children safe while playing sports. But nearly half of all coaches said they have felt pressure to play an injured child in a game. And three of 10 children think a good player should keep playing even when they're hurt, unless a coach or other adult makes them stop.

The survey also found that more than half of all coaches believe there is an acceptable amount of head contact during play without potentially causing a serious brain injury

Only two in 5 parents know how much sports safety training their child's coach has received. Even well-trained coaches said they would like additional training -- with about three-fourths interested in learning more about preventing concussions and heat illness. The main factors preventing coaches from getting more training are cost, lack of time and lack of local sources of information.

The survey was released by Safe Kids Worldwide and Johnson & Johnson.  You can read the full survey by clicking here.  



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