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Important Message on Nursing Home and Hospital Care in New York

Stop Nursing Home & Hospital Chains From Taking Over Patient Care In New York State

The NY Senate's budget proposal includes a provision to allow chain ownership of healthcare facilities - including nursing homes and hospitals - in New York State. This would radically change the "business" of healthcare in New York.  The State has long prohibited private equity like publically traded corporations from owning healthcare facilities as a means of protecting New Yorkers from providers whose first priority might be satisfying their shareholders and who could remove assets and operations from the state, thus making them unaccountable for the care they provide to our citizens.

According to a recent report from The Center for Medicare Advocacy  click here:

In 2011, the first-ever analysis of the ten largest for-profit nursing home chains reported that between 2003 and 2008, compared to all other ownership groups, facilities owned by the top ten for-profit chains had:

1.    The lowest staffing levels;

2.    The highest number of deficiencies identified by public regulatory agencies; and

3.    The highest number of deficiencies causing harm or jeopardy to residents.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported in 2011 that nursing facilities acquired between 2004 and 2007 by the top ten private equity firms:

1.    Had more total deficiencies than not-for-profit facilities;

2.    Reported lower total nurse staffing ratios; and

3.    Showed capital-related cost increases and higher profit margins, compared to other facilities.

In 2010, the GAO reported that compared to other nursing facilities, Special Focus Facilities (i.e., those identified by CMS as among the poorest performing facilities nationwide):

1.    Are more likely to be part of a chain and for-profit, compared to other facilities;

2.    Have fewer registered nurses per resident day; and

3.    Are ranked lower on CMS’s Five-Star System.

In short, opening the door for private equity to operate in New York would put New Yorkers at serious risk.  This is not a step that should be taken lightly or slipped into a large budget proposal. Please speak out now to let Governor Cuomo and our Senators and Assembly members know that you are concerned about this issue.  Click here to take action now.

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