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AYSO Concussion Management Recommendations Leave a Lot to be Desired

The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) has announced recommendations for the management of concussions.  Unfortunately, these recommendations are so weak that they provide little protection to children participating in soccer activities and provide parents with a false sense of security.  The AYSO Board of Directors has approved the following concussion management recommendations:

•Use of the AYSO/CDC Concussion Information Sheet to inform all parents and players about the signs and symptoms of concussion and the associated risks. Find the Information Sheet by clicking here.  It should be manadatory that all parents receive be required to receive and read this information sheet before their child is permitted to partipate.

•Encourage ALL coaches, referees, and Section, Area and Region Board Members to take the CDC’s free online Concussion Awareness Training which can be found by clicking here . Coaches and referrees should be required to take this training program and be required to take participate in yearly updates.

•Any player suspected by the coach, referee or parent to have a concussion must be removed from further participation for at least the remainder of the day, Requirements should be imposed that before a child with a concussion or suspected concussion be allowed to return to play that they obtain medical clearance and there must also be a requirement that players who have sustained a cconcussion or a suspected concussion be required to be kept out of play for at least a week.

•Parents should be encouraged to seek professional medical treatment at the time of injury and secure medical clearance before being allowed to return to play.  This should be mandatory.



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