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New concussions management standards issued by Canadian Paediatric Society

The Canadian Paediatric Society, has issued a new position statement stating that it is "vital" that athletes, coaches, trainers, parents and doctors be aware of the signs and symptoms of concussions and any child who sustains a head injury should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.

To minimize the risk of concussions, hockey associations should ban hits to the head, checking from behind, or checking outright in younger age groups as well as fighting. The pediatrician's group is also discouraging parents from enrolling their children in sports such as boxing that promote "intentional injury to the head."

The CPS recommends a child or teen who has sustained a head injury should:

- Be removed from play immediately, not allowed to return to play that game, monitored closely for any signs of deterioration and not be left alone;

- Be seen by a doctor as soon as possible;

- Rest until all symptoms are gone;

- Not play sports, exercise or participate in any recreational activities until they have recovered;

- Limit reading, texting, watching TV, computer work or electronic games until symptoms have resolved; and

- Be cleared by a doctor before returning to school or sports.



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