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Brain Injury Lawsuits Against N.F.L. Continue to Grow

More lawsuits have been commenced against the N.F.L. by players claims that the league intentionally hid the dangers of concussions and misled players about the long term consequences of traumatic brain injury.

The latest suits filed in Miami follow similar suits filed in Atlanta last week and in California earlier this year.

All the suits follow a similar pattern of accusing the N.F.L. of deliberately omitting or concealing years of evidence linking concussions to long-term neurological problems. Not surprisingly, like tobacco companies faced with similar types of claims, the N.F.L. denied the charges and said that player safety has long been a priority.

The players say the N.F.L. made misrepresentations about the seriousness of their injuries “with the intent of inducing N.F.L. players, including plaintiffs, to return to play as soon as physically possible after having suffered a football-related concussion and to promote an aggressive style of football that would attract viewers.”

According to the lawsuit, after numerous studies on the risks of concussions, the N.F.L. created a committee of researchers and doctors in 1994 to study the issue.

The committee was supposed to be independent, but members were affiliated with the N.F.L., according to the lawsuit, and the group did not include a doctor specializing in neurology or other brain research. When the committee published its findings in 2003, it stated that “there was no long term negative health consequence associated with concussions,” according to the complaint.

The lawsuit notes that in 2010, the N.F.L. replaced the leaders of its research committee, and that the new leadership described the data used in the past by the league to counter the long-term effects of concussions as “infected” and lacking in science.






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