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How well will the NFL enforce concussion protocols in today's games?

Let’s see how well new guidelines from the NFL affect concussion management decisions in today’s games.

Last week, San Diego player, Kris Dielman sustained a head injury but was not removed from play.  On the way back to San Diego, Dielman suffered a seizure raising serious concerns on how players are evaluated for concussions on the field and the decision to return them to the play. . 

The NFL safety panel met on Wednesday and issued a directive, "Our game officials will receive concussion awareness training and will remain alert to possible concussions during games," league spokesman Greg Aiello said. "If an official believes a player may have suffered a concussion, he should take appropriate steps to alert the team and get medical attention for the player."

Dielman was never removed from the game despite obvious problems.

Many professionals have recommended that any player with a suspected concussion be evaluated off the field in a quiet, non-distracting setting by a qualified neurologist.

Without a uniform concussion protocol that teams can use to evaluate players for possible concussions, the leagues’ concussion management program will never provide proper protection to players.  The league must adapt the motto, WHEN IN DOUBT, KEEP THEM OUT!



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