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Online Collection of Sports Concussion Medical Literature

The editors of Neurosurgery, official journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, have created a new online collection of important recent research papers on concussions and head injury in sports.

The new collection is now available, and can be viewed by clicking on the "Collections" tab on the journal website. All visitors can view the topic collections, along with abstracts of the articles included.   

The interest in sports-related head trauma reflects growing evidence that repeated concussions can have long-term health effects in athletes. Recent scientific reports have described CTE—a progressive neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated head trauma, seen especially in high-level competitive athletes. Patients with CTE develop mood disorders, cognitive dysfunction, and other psychiatric symptoms, typically occurring years after a history of repeated concussions.

The new collection assembles research papers on concussions and head trauma in sports, drawn from the pages of Neurosurgery.

The collection of articles include several on CTE and the association between cumulative concussions and long-term "dementia-related syndromes" in professional football players and other athletes. The most recent additions are a pair of studies from 2011 describing emerging subtypes of CTE and the possible relationship between anabolic steroids and head injury. Other articles address the outcomes of concussions in young athletes—including important evidence guiding return to play after a head injury.

You can view the collection of articles by clicking here.



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