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Family Resource Guide for Understanding Brain Injury

A new brain injury resource web site has been created by the University of Missouri School of Health Professions in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Health and Senor Services.    http:// braininjuryeducation.com/

The website is designed specifically for people who, in their professional lives, may come in contact with people who have suffered brain trauma (e.g. police officers, social workers, military professionals). These professionals may not have expertise handling situations that may occur when they encounter someone who has experienced a brain injury. This site may be very useful for family members to understand the day to day difficulties faced by brain injury survivors.

Topics in the guide include understanding brain injuries, concussions and what behaviors to expect. The website also features videos of MU health professionals working with people with brain injuries. These brain injury experts discuss head-injury related topics such as brain functioning and behavior as well as brain injury in veterans and children.

You can access this web site by clicking here.



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