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Children's Hospital Boston is "Tackling Concussions Head On"-Live Web Cast

Children's Hospital Boston will host a live one-hour interactive webcast about concussions and concussion management on Monday September 12 at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The web cast is designed to assist parents, coaches, athletic trainers and medical personal on the signs and symptoms of concussion and concussion management in youth athletics.

The program will explore various topics including:

An overview of concussions in children;

Why concussions are difficult to diagnose;

What to look for and how to respond - on field and in the doctor's office;

What we can learn from neurocognitive testing; and

Ways young athletes can prevent concussions

For more information on the webcast and to sign up for a reminder e-mail click here .



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I really enjoy reading your blog and find it helps educate me advancements in research around the country for head trauma victims. I'm not sure if you are aware, but the University of Chicago has been running clinicals on high-school age athletes that have suffered from concussions to determine the long-lasting effects. This is in part because of the donation this past winter of Super Bowl winning ex-Bear's player Dave Duerson donating his brain for research.
Thanks for the important information which I always find useful in my own practice.

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