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Student Athletes Required to Pass Concussion Education Exam

Arizona will require students to take a concussion education program and pass a formal test before being allowed to engage in school based sports programs according to a press release from the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.

Reportedly, Arizona will be the first state in the nation to require that students particpate in a concussion awareness program.  The educational program will be administered on line through an interactive web site created through Barrow and the University of Arizona.  The students will be taken through a series of educational modules that contain content, activities and videos.  At the end of the module, the students are required to pass an on line test.

The first step in concussion prevention is a recognition of the long term consequences of concussions and brain injury.  Athletes need to know the signs and symptoms of concussions.  This type of educational program needs to be implemented throughout the nation.





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