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Consumer Product Safety Information

The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has created a new database mandated by Congress, as part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Consumers are encouraged to visit the safer products government web site  to submit Reports of harm or risks of harm, and to search for safety information on products they own or may be purchasing.

Through the safer products web site, consumers, child service providers, health care professionals, government officials and public safety entities can submit reports of harm (Reports) involving consumer products. Manufacturers (including importers) and private labelers identified in Reports will receive copies of the Report, and have the opportunity to comment on them. Completed Reports and manufacturer comments are published online at the safer products web site  for anyone to search.

Reporting product safety incidents through this new, easy-to-use site will help CPSC identify product hazards quicker and provide consumers with safety information on products in and around their homes.

CPSC was required to create a public portal and a publicly accessible, searchable database of consumer product incident reports by the Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which became law on August 14, 2008.



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