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Congresswoman Gifford's Office Launches Appeal to Require Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services In All Health Insurance Policies

The office of Congresswoman Gifford's along with the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force sent a letter yesterday to Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius urging her to include brain injury rehabilitation services as "essential" benefits in the recently enacted health care legislation.

Most americans do not receive the unlimited rehabilitation benefits that have been afforded to Congresswoman Giffords and either are denied coverage, have brain injury rehabilitation coverage arbitrarily limited by health care insurance companies, are prematurely discharged because the carrier decides that that the brain injured individual is not recovering fast enough. 

Recovery from a treaumatic brain injury is very different than recovery from a fracture or other physical injury.  It cannot be measured in days or even weeks.  Insurance reimbursement must cover the full spectrum of care that individuals suffering from a traumatic brain injury require both in an institution and when they return home.




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