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Call for Abstract's: International Brain Injury Association Ninth World Congress

The International Brain Injury Association's  (IBIA) Ninth World Congress on Brain Injury will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from March 21-25, 2012

The Congress on Brain Injury is the largest gathering of international professionals working in the field of brain injury. Delegates are comprised of physicians, psychologists and neuropsychologists, therapists, social workers, nurses, case managers, legal professionals, advocates and all others working in the field of brain injury. 

The Ninth World Congress program will feature internationally recognized invited speakers, platform lectures, workshops, short oral presentations and poster sessions.  The aim of the Ninth World Congress is to provide an opportunity for establishing collegial relationships with international professionals focused on the care and/or service of persons with acquired brain injury and/or the science of brain injury research. State of the art research will be presented dealing with information spanning from basic science to clinical (coma to community) aspects of brain injury.

To submit your abstract, click here.



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