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American Academy of Brain Injury Attorneys, Ltd

I am pleased to announce the formation of a new brain injury professional association, the American Academy of Brain Injury Attorneys, Ltd. I am honored to be the president of this new association of brain injury advocates.

The association is to be compromised of a select group of experienced brain injury attorneys from across the United States. Membership is by invitation only and is limited to the top 100 attorneys who concentrate their legal practice on representing individuals and their families following a traumatic brain injury.

The Academy of Brain Injury Attorneys was formed to promote the highest standards of representation, integrity, and honor in the representation of victims of brain trauma.  We believe that it is our ethical responsibility to vigorously advocate for the rights brain injury survivors; promote brain injury awareness and education; and support brain injury prevention initiatives.

Our mission is to provide exemplary legal representation to victims of traumatic brain injury and their family members.  The skilled and experienced attorneys who are members of the association will aggressively pursue the rights of brain injury victims ethically and with compassion.We believe that we must be the best trial lawyers we can be. 

We believe we must give back to the legal profession and provide education to other lawyers on brain injury legal techniques.  We believe we must make a difference in our community and actively support our state brain injury associations.  We believe that the best cure for a brain injury is prevention and support programs and activities that reduce the risk of brain injury.

Members are chosen based upon their experience, knowledge and commitment to the representation of victims of brain trauma. They all are active members in their state brain injury associations and in national and state trial lawyer groups.




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