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Air Canada Takes Important Step to Promote Brain Injury Prevention

The National Hockey League (NHL) needs to put an immediate end to the violence it sanctions.

One of the leagues major financial sponsors, Air Canada agrees and according to the New York Times, sent a letter to the league late Wednesday stating that had been “a number of incidents regarding head shots and concussions this past season which have resulted in widespread public concern which we share.”  Air Canada cautioned the league that unless the N.H.L. took “immediate action with serious suspensions” to “curtail these life threatening injuries, Air Canada will withdraw its sponsorship of Hockey.”

The NHL needs to wake up and understand that head contact does not need to be a part of hockey and take the important step of banning all head contact.

Congratulations, Air Canada for taking an important step in preventing needless brain injuries from occurring.  The Best Cure for Brain Injury Is Prevention!



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