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New Textbook on Vision Loss Following Traumtic Brain Injury

The VisionLoss Blog reports on a new comprehensive text on vision loss following Traumatic Brain Injury.

The text entitled,  Vision Rehabilitation: Multidisciplinary Care of the Patient Following Brain Injury is published by Len Press.

Here is the textbook's table of contents:

  • What Is Vision Rehabilitation Following Brain Injury? P.S. Suter, L. Hellerstein, L.H. Harvey, K. Gutcher
  • The Interdisciplinary Approach to Vision Rehabilitation Following Brain Injury, A. Berryman, K.G. Rasavage
  • Neural Substrates of Vision, R. Helvie
  • Spatial Vision, R.B. Sanet and L.J. Press
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Visual Field Loss and Visual Spatial Neglect,N. Margolis
  • Egocentric Localization: Normal and Abnormal Aspects, K.J. Ciuffreda and D.P. Ludlam
  • The Use of Lenses to Improve Quality of Life Following Brain Injury, P.A. Harris
  • Photophobia, Light, and Color in Acquired Brain Injury, C.D. Stern
  • The Vestibular System: Anatomy, Function, Dysfunction, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, V.L. Bryan
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Vision and Motor Dysfunction Following Acquired Brain Injury from Occupational Therapy and Neuro-Optometry Perspectives, J.M. Powell and N.G. Torgerson
  • Acquired Brain Injury and Visual Information Processing Deficits, S. Groffman
  • Vision Examination of Patients with Neurological Disease and Injury, T. Politzer and P.S. Suter
  • Sucessfully Incorporating Vision Rehabilitation into the Primary Care Practice, A. Cohen
  • Advocating for Your Patient in the Legal System, J. Kiel



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That is a horrid experience. Imagine losing your site after a traumatic brain accident.

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