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Prevent childhood injuries and childhood brain damage

Brain injury in children are a leading cause of death and serious injury.  According to reports published by the New York State Department of Health, each day in New York State, an average of 2 children will die, 50 children will be hospitalized, and 1,342 children will be seen in emergency departments as a result of injuries. Many of these injuries result in permanent brain damage.

To combat the problem of childhood injuries, the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Injury Prevention has developed the “Injury Free Kids” website for health care practitioners, parents, and caregivers. The website contains a series of age-specific fact sheets addressing unintentional and intentional injury topics. Posters have been created that can be distributed and posted around communities (such as in doctors’ offices, schools, and community centers). Paper copies of the posters can be requested by contacting Stephanie Willing  at the NYS Department of Health.



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