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Brain Injury Association of New Jersey teams with State of New Jersey to create web sites to prevent dangerous driving among teens

The State of New Jersey, through the state’s Division of Highway Traffic Safety  and the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey have teamed together to create a program aimed at high schools to encourage safer driving. The "U Got Brains Champion Schools Project" will give $1,000 to two area schools to create their own initiative and compete against 17 others to win driving simulators.

The project is named after a website the government agency and group created a few years ago — UGotBrains that aims to teach young people about the importance of safe driving habits.  The site was built with state grant funding and focuses on the dangers of driving while texting.

 In addition to the Besides UGotBrains web site which contains graphic videos of accidents and statistics such as "Two-thirds of teens killed in crashes were not wearing seat belts," the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey also created NJTeenDriving, which provides parents with information about current laws and tips for encouraging safer driving habits.




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