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NPR Youth Sport Concussion Report

Student athletes are bigger and stronger than they were a decade ago, and they play rougher. The increased concern about concussion risks in NFL players has parents, coaches and doctors worried about the risk of head injury in kids' sports. Concussions are now the second most common injury in kids' sports, and there's some evidence that girls may be more likely to end up in the emergency room than boys.

Concussions used to be described as a brain bruise, but doctors now like to say that it's a problem with the brain's function, a problem that can't be detected by MRI or CT scan. Concussions must be taken seriously by parents, coaches, trainers and students themselves.  Remember, when in doubt, keep them out!

You can listen to a special report on concussions aired today on NPR, Morning Edition: Parents, Coaches Worry About Concussion Risks



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