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Special Education and Traumatic Brain Injury Survey Undertaken

Parents and Guardians Invited to Participate in School-related Research Study:

For parents unfamiliar with the special education system, navigating through the processes can be extremely complicated.

A study to examine the attitudes and perceptions experienced by families of students with traumatic brain injuries when navigating through the educational system is now underway. Researchers are interested in input from parents and guardians of school age survivors of traumatic brain injuries that are currently enrolled in an educational program. Participants are required to fill out a survey questionnaire, but no further contact is necessary. The survey can be completed in approximately 20 minutes online, or you may contact Rachel Richert, research coordinator, at 734-968-2315 to request a questionnaire be mailed to your home. Both survey methods allow researchers to keep the process completely anonymous. 

Researchers intend to publish and present the data at conferences focusing on supporting individuals with traumatic brain injuries and their families. The survey will be available now through July 19, 2010. If you have questions about this survey, or if you would like additional information please, contact Rachel Richert at 734-968-2315.  



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