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Management of Intracranial Pressure

One of the most interesting aspects of writing this brain injury news and information blog is the information that I receive from assorted sources. 

Today, I received a press release from a pharmaceutical company, InnerSpace, Inc. announcing the marketing of a new device to monitor intracranial cerebral pressure ffor the management of traumatic brain injury. The monitoring system is called Hummingbird Synergy.

According to the press release, Hummingbird Synergy is designed to provide integrated access for concurrent monitoring of Intracranial Pressure (ICP), Oxygen, or Cerebral Blood Flow while providing ventricular drainage. It does so through a single burr-hole vs. the two or three holes now required. The design minimizes the potential for complications and infections, thereby reducing patient risk. Dedicated access ports allow an Oxygen or Cerebral Blood Flow probe to be precisely and reproducibly placed.

The monitoring of intracranial pressure is crucial for better outcomes according to the Brain Trauma Foundation which has been a leading advocate for advances in ICP management. The Brain Trauma Foundation has established guidelines for the monitoring of intracranial pressure.

You can read more about this new system by clicking here.



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