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Dealing with sexual issues following a traumatic brain injury

"Friendships, relationships, love, intimacy,sex.  This list could go on for several pages when we think about the numerous and complex issues facing people with brain injuries, as well as their family and friends, when we discuss sexuality.  While professionals need to focus upon important rehabilitation services and long term supports for individuals with brain injuries, the critical issues of "life" are sometimes left out of our treatment services due to funding and/or knowledge basis" [from the editor's in chief message, Ronald Savage, EdD in this month's Brain Injury, the official publication of the North American Brain Injury Association.

This month's Brain Injury journal is a special issue devoted entirely to issues surrounding sexuality following a traumatic brain injury.

The following topics are covered:

  • Integrating Sexuality Into Traumatic Brain Injury  Rehabilitation
  • Disability and Sexual Expression, Debunking the Myths and Working to Break the Barriers
  • Adolesence, Brain Injury, and Sexuality: Promoting Sexual Health
  • Sexual Disinhibition and Social Skills: Behavioral Interventions for Persons with TBI
  • A Closer Look at Sexual Intimacy After Brain Injury



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