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The NFL controversy surrounding traumatic brain injury continues.

The ongoing controversy surrounding traumatic brain injury in the NFL was again brought into focus today in a the NPR radio program Tell Me More.  Today’s show featured an interview with Eleanor Perfetto, wife of Ralph Wenzel a guard in the NFL from 1966 to 1973. For the past 10 years she has watched him slip into dementia. Today, at 67, Wenzel can no longer dress, bathe or feed himself. He spends his days in an assisted-living facility in Maryland. Perfetto blames her husband's current state on repeated head injuries from playing pro football. She is the first to file a workers' compensation claim with the NFL for dementia resulting from injuries on the field. Also hear from Brent Boyd, a former offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings, who was diagnosed with dementia four years ago, at age 49.

You can listen to the show and view the transcript by clicking here.



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