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Scheduled Presentation at 8th World Conference on Brain Injury

I am honored to have been invited to submit a poster presentation at the International Brain Injury Association World Congress on Brain Injury to be held in Washington DC from March 10-March 14, 2010 in Washington D.C.

The topic of my presentation is “Challenges in the field of neurolaw in the 21st century”. I will be covering issues pertaining to judicial scrutiny of expert testimony, admissibility of controversial testing in the field of neuropsychology including the fake bad scale and malingering tests; use of new imaging techniques such as PET scans, functional MRI studies and diffusion tensor MRI studies; and the use of third party observers in insurance company and defense medical examinations.
The IBIA World Congress is the largest gathering of international professionals working in the field of brain injury. Delegates are comprised of physicians, psychologists and neuropsychologists, therapists, social workers, nurses, case managers, legal professionals, advocates and all others working in the field of brain injury.

You can obtain more information on the international brain injury congress program going to: Eighth World Congress on Brain Injury.



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