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NFL Helmet study embroiled in controversy

The NFL research study on football helmets and their role in preventing brain trauma is embroiled in considerable controversy.

According to an ESPN on line story,  the NFL is preparing to deliver results of its research on football helmets next month, but some observers are raising questions about who has been running the league's testing program, the type of tests it is using and the validity of its results.

Some independent experts and helmet makers believe the process is misleading and even potentially dangerous -- concerns that have prompted one manufacturer to withdraw from the ongoing program.

Reports are that long criticized NFL consultants who have resigned from the league’s concussion committee are in charge of the testing research. According to one critic, former NFL player Brent Boyd who has been one of the leading voices for reform of the NFL concussion disability plan,   "It's like putting Richard Nixon in charge of the Watergate investigation," 

Another critic, prominent sports neurosurgeon, Robert Cantu says, "One problem is the people doing the testing are not at arm's length from the league," "It's also just not realistic to study concussions by looking at a small group where players hit other players like missiles, which is what the NFL is doing.

 Read the full story: NFL's helmet testing scrutinized.



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