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It's time that all ski areas require helmets

Helmets reduce the risk of head injury for skiers and snowboarders by 35 per cent, according to a study released today by the University of Calgary’s faculty of medicine.

The article, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, also suggests there's no evidence a helmet increases the risk of neck injury.

“Our findings show that helmets protect the head, whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, young or old,” Kelly Russell, lead author of the article, said in a news release. “It’s an excellent approach to safety with no evidence of an increased risk of neck injury.”

As I previously suggested, ski areas need to set the right example and require all members of their staff, ski instructors and ski patrol to wear helmets. The best cure for a brain injury is prevention!

Those taking lessons should also be required to wear helmets and serious thought has to be given to require helmets to be mandatory for all those using the mountain.



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ski helmets

That was really very informative detailing about skiing helmets and its importance....Hope people understand this thing and sincerely follow the precautionary measure while playing such risky sports.

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