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Happy New Year to All

Please accept my best wishes for a happy new year to all. 

The Brain Injury News and Information Blog was started four years ago and now has over 1,100 posts. I have derived a great deal of satisfaction in being able to disseminate important information to the brain injury community and to spread the word about the the public health crisis of  brain injury.

While the best cure for a brain injury is prevention, with new brain injuries occurring daily we must remain vigilant to insure that those with a brain injury receive the respect and rehabilitation that they are entitled to. Whether it is brain injury survivors as a result of military conflict or those who receive tragic brain damage in civilian accidents, traumatic brain injury must not fall under the radar ever again.

The increasing attention given to concussions by the sports community and efforts at brain injury rehabilitation in the armed forces should now be extended to the entire population of victims of brain trauma. 

I will continue my efforts to call attention to the crisis of brain injury and to ensure that those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury receive the proper legal representation that they deserve.



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