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Heads of NFL Concussion Committee Quit

In the latest development concerning implementation of a new concussion policy by the National Football League, the co chairpersons of the league’s brain injury committee have resigned.


In newspapers this morning, it is reported that the panel’s co-chairs, Dr. Ira Casson and Dr. David Viano have resigned.  Good riddance to both of these individuals who should have been replaced by the league a long time ago.


The opinions of Drs Casson and Viano concerning concussions have for many years been criticized by world renowed experts on concussions and their long term effects.  As a result of their backward thinking and insistence that concussions were a minor problem and posed no danger to the health and safety of players, they not only placed the lives and health of professional athletes in danger, they also placed in danger the health and safety of every child who plays football and engages in other sporting activities where here is a risk of concussion and head injury.


The National Football League is looked to by student players, parents, coaches and trainers throughout the country for guidance on how to handle the important decisions of when to allow an athlete to return to play.  By minimizing, trivializing and by issue false and misleading statements, these two individuals, unfortunately set the wrong example.


It is time that the league get its house in order and come to grips with the realities and dangers of concussions.  If it means that players must not play, that some will be required to retire and that the league’s disability plan will be required to provide benefits, that’s the reality of the dangers in dealing with head injuries and contact sports.


You can read the full story on the resignation of these two “experts”: NFL Head Injury Study Leaders Quit



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