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Proof that you can throw a football is not reason for parent's to allow their children to return to play following a concussion

Yes, we are all glad that Tim Tebow survived four quarters without sustaining another concussion, because if he did, those "concerned" individuals who should never have allowed him to return to play should be forever stripped of their ability to harm other players.

Unfortunately, again the wrong example is being set for parents who watched the Gator's decision to allow a concussed player to prematurely return to play.  The talk now is hey, he could throw the ball, he must be OK.  This is a simplistic and unfortunately inaccurate way of assessing concussive injuries and their life long consequences.

Parents and coaches take heed:  When in doubt, keep them out!



Meagan Brightwell

There is a great film out right now directed my Mike Reilly. It's called "Road to Victory" and it addresses head injuries in college football players and the lasting effects the injuries can have.

With all that is going on in the news right now after the injury of Tim Tebow, this movie is very informative and a great watch!!!

Check it out at www.rtvfilm.com or email me at [email protected]

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