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NFL Players Association and Congress to Take a Closer Look at Concussions

Following stories in the New York Times earlier this week on the studies sponsored by the NFL which show a link between repeated concussions and early on set dementia, the NFL Players Association has formed a committee to address the issue of head trauma among players.

The player’s association concussion and traumatic brain injury committee will address diagnosis, treatment and prevention of concussions and brain injuries in active players; and the long-term cumulative effects of isolated or repetitive traumatic brain injuries in NFL players as patients.

At the same time,  the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says he will hold hearings on head injuries among NFL players. The hearings will look at the lasting impact of head injuries, how to limit them, and how to compensate players and their families.

Both of these events are encouraging news in efforts by many including myself to bring attention to the epidemic of traumatic brain injury and to increase public awareness of the dangers of repeated concussions and ill advised decisions to prematurely allow athletes to return to play.

With new leadership in the NLF as well as the player’s association, perhaps a new rationality can be brought to bear on the issue and an honest recognition that concussions are serious and must be treated as a life threatening condition.

Perhaps the player's association will contact me and ask for my involvement in these important efforts. 

Further, injured players who submit competent proof of concussions and cognitive disorder should be properly compensated for their injury under league collective bargaining agreements. If they are not, then the courthouse door needs to be opened to these players to seek proper legal redress.

Read about the NFL players commiettee plans to study head trauma .

Read about the congressional hearings on concussions: Congress to hold hearing on NFL head injuries.



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