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60 minutes looks at concussions and the long term damage that results

This evening's 60 minutes report on concussions and the long term dangers associated with this injury was an excellent over view of the hazards associated with multiple concussions.

Here is a brief excerpt from the show:

You can't separate violence from football - it's part of the thrill of the game. Players know what they're risking when they hit the field, including injuries such as torn ligaments and broken bones. But what about a blow to the brain? According to the Centers for Disease Control, concussions from sports are an epidemic in this country.

As many as three million sports related concussions happen every year.

And new research shows that their effects can be frighteningly long-lasting, even leading to permanent brain damage and the early onset of dementia. While concussions happen in many sports, most happen in football. They can happen to kids, to the pros, and as we saw recently, to one of today's top college players.

Watch the entire 60 minute concussion broadcast



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