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"Crude": The Movie, A Must See

Last evening I was invited to the New York premier of the documentary film, "Crude" the fascinating story of one of the largest and most controversial pending legal cases in the world.  It is the story of the legal case brought by 30,000 indigenous residents in the rain forest of Ecuador against the U.S. oil company, Chevron and its former company, Texaco Oil for their alleged  pollution, environmental damage and injuries they caused while drilling and pumping for oil. The case involves claims of over $27 billion.

The case is developed from the multiple view points of all sides and highlights the personal and legal struggles of the participants as well as the destruction of human life and the environment. It is a well done film that I urge you all to watch.

You can get more information about the movie at the Crude web site.



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I heard a podcast on this last summer on On Point. I will have to see the movie.


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