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Conan O'Brien: Concussions are no joking matter!

The video clip of Conan O'Briens fall on last week on the set of the Tonight Show is now available on You Tube.  By watching the clip you can clearly see Conan striking the back of his head against the ground and then rebounding forward.  The fall is then played in slow motion and the impact becomes even more dramatic.

You will also be able to listen to Conan's fascinating description of all the difficulties that he slowly began to develop following the incident. Although he is now joking about it, this is far from a funny matter.  You can hear his slurred speech, listen to his description of his confusion, poor judgment and short term memory problems. 

Hopefully, Conan who now can appreciate that a concussion is no laughing matter will take the the time to learn about the long term consequences of concussions and become an advocate for the 5.2 million americans who suffer the life long effects of a traumatic brain injury. 

You can watch the clip by clicking Conan O'Brien reveals concussion, injury  video



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