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I will be heading to San Francisco later this week to deliver a presentation on traumatic brain injury at the American Association for Justice annual meeting.  My presentation focuses on meeting and defusing  the defenses in a traumatic brain injury case.  It is entitled, "The Poison Pills of Traumatic Brain Injury".  I will be discussing some of the myths and falsehoods perpetuated by defense witnesses in traumatic brain injury cases such as the need for loss of consciousness in order to establish a concussion--not true; that imaging studies are necessary to objectively prove a traumatic brain injury--untrue; that all individuals recover from a concussion without lasting consequences--untrue; that children are less at risk for developing serious problems following a traumatic brain injury--untrue; that there is no such thing as the post concussion syndrome--untrue.

It is important for lawyers to understand the myths of traumatic brain injury in order to properly represent their clients in brain injury litigation.




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