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Concussion Insurance Benefits for Student Athlethes

Here is some hopefully, refreshing news from an insurance company for a change.  It has been reported that Wells Fargo’s Student Insurance Division (SID) and the Sports Concussion Institute (SCI) has launched Play It Safe Concussion Care (PSC). According to the insurance carrier, it’s a new concussion management treatment and services solution for athletes nationwide.

PSC includes insurance underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance of Pittsburgh, and provides concussion medical expense benefits for athletes who sustain a covered head injury.

The company stated that the process begins with a baseline assessment by SCI, or its affiliated medical providers, which includes a neurocognitive evaluation administered to athletes pre-season. Athlete suffering a covered head injury would receive a post-injury assessment to compare to their baseline results, helping to evaluate the extent of the injury and inform treatment. 

Let’s hope that the “covered” head injuries is not so restrictive as to make the coverage meaningless. I am hopeful that any concussion or even suspected concussion should be covered for post-injury assessment and any player who is diagnosed with a concussion should receive rehabilitation benefits under the plan.  If not, then the coverage is not very beneficial.



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