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Brain Injury Law Firm Update

I am pleased to report that my presentation at the American Association for Justice annual convention on the pitfalls involved in the trial of a traumatic brain injury case was very well received.  My presentation to a national audience of trial attorneys was entitled, "The Poison Pills of Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation" and was intended to introduce the audience to the favorite defenses which insurance companies attempt to use in order to attack claims involving traumatic brain injury.  These defenses are all easily refutable if the brain injury attorney has a firm grasp of the literature and an understanding of traumatic brain injury and the post concussion syndrome.

Also, while at the convention, my partner, Shana De Caro was re-elected as treasurer of the traumatic brain injury litigation group,.  The group enables traumatic brain injury attorneys from throughout the nation to meet and share information in this important area.  This is Shana's second term as an officer of this group.  Prior to being elected an officer, Shana was a member of the executive board of the traumatic brain injury group.

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